Why should I hire a professional organizer?
Getting organized on your own is not an easy task, especially if you’ve been through major life transitions. A professional organizer offers an objective eye, insightful ideas, accountability, and companionship during your organizing journey. You’ll finally have the direction you need to get started and keep going! Once you’re organized, you’ll feel in control, less stressed, and full of energy.

What is your process for working with clients?
We’ll talk first by phone to get a general idea of your needs and answer your questions. Then, we’ll schedule an initial assessment of desired goals, in which we will create an action plan. Then, the hands-on organizing process begins. We work along side you, acting as your coach, teacher, and cheerleader. You’ll be learning valuable organizing skills, making decisions about what is important to you, and hopefully having a little fun in the process! Most sessions average two to four hours.

How long will it take to get organized?
This depends upon the scope of the project. Some clients need only a session or two to organize their spaces. Others prefer weekly or monthly maintenance sessions to keep the momentum going and facilitate amazing space and life changes. A simple closet may take only a few hours, whereas organizing an entire house may take many sessions. After an initial assessment, we’ll be able to give you a timeline estimate. Once we begin, you’ll be allowed to set the pace, working as slowly or quickly as you’d like. You may also be assigned “homework” between sessions so you can reach your goals more quickly if you desire.

How to do you charge for your services?
We charge by the hour. Each organizing session consists of a minimum of two hours. We can also assist with shopping for organizing supplies at a discounted hourly rate.

I’m embarrassed about my mess. Will you judge me?
Absolutely not! Professional organizers do not judge. We understand your organizational challenges and address them with compassion, skill, and trust. We are here to help, not judge! And we understand the nuances of living in a small community, so rest assured that all services are 100% confidential and discreet. We also abide by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Code of Ethics.