Having just been through a divorce, after a long marriage, I was somewhat stuck in a rut. I was immediately impressed by Ashley’s wisdom and insight. She worked with me to physically clear my home of decades of clutter, neatly hidden away. She helped me to realize that all the physical clutter in my living space was actually creating mental clutter in my life.

By painstakingly working together, she helped me open room in my mind and in my heart to move on. For the first time in decades, I could easily locate all of my possessions. I began to truly realize the connection between a clean, neat and organized home, and a relaxed, happy state of being. I have been transformed in so many ways. My home is neat and organized and remains this way today. I am healthier, happier, smiling and full of life!

A professional organizer can be many things to many people. To me, Ashley has been a cleaner and a planner, a counselor and a therapist, a designer and a builder, and an image and fashion consultant. Ashley posses a unique skill set that allows her to be many things.
— Dana, Koloa, HI

Ashley came into my life last year as I was faced with two major life transitions simultaniously. I needed to simpify my lifestyle as I was shifting from having a home full of children to living alone and I also needed to leave my home. It was emotionally overwhelming on many levels. When Ashley first came in I didn’t know where to begin. I had way too much stuff. She helped create a sense of direction clearly seeing what was important for me to keep and what was not needed. Her amazingly direct and practical apporoach helped me get through some of the difficult emotional conflicts. I needed someone with different eyes to help me find a more practical and down to earth approach to getting rid of belongings, decluttering, simplifying and organizing my life.

She knows how to work with space and energy. She has a critical mind and a compassionate heart seeing what people need and also what one’s space can benefit from through shifting things around.

Today my new living space feels completely different, like home. It’s comfortable, clean, organized and beautiful. Ashley was instrumental in highlighting the beautiful things that I do have and putting them in the right spots. Now I look forward to coming home to a place that nourishes my soul and inspires my work and growth. She empowered me in a very cool way. Today I am standing on a new foundation, taking control of my life and sitting in the drivers seat.
— Bernardo, Kilauea, HI

I had never seen my kids’ room so clean and organized. The best part was they managed to keep it that way after Ashley left! Her ability to incorporate individual taste in a shared space really excited the kids and gave them a feeling of ownership.
— Napuanani, Lihue, HI

I am a fairly organized person by nature, but when I hired Ashley to help me declutter a jam-packed storage unit, I was amazed at the skill and knowledge she brought to the job. I was inspired to continue the work with her tackling many of the major parts of my home. Now bill paying and correspondence is a breeze, dressing is fun and effortless, and getting ready for one of my many trips is done in a timely and efficient way.

In addition, my home is now a haven from the chaotic world, and it's fun to see family and friends visibly react and comment on the peacefulness. It really is my sanctuary that allows me to renew my energies and be more present in my life.

Working with Ashley has changed many of the ways I look at things. She was astutely skillful at assessing my needs and then guiding me through the process. She had a vision long before I did, and I could never have imagined how liberating it would be.
— Linda, Nantucket, MA

I am feeling so much better with my newly organized closet! What a difference to walk in there now and actually be able to see everything when I select an outfit and jewelry! Ashley has a real gift for bringing divine order to a space. Her assistance was just what I needed to get motivated to make these changes and release the material things that were no longer serving me. Through Ashley's encouragement, I plan to donate my discarded items. I feel this will help me create a nice flowing cycle of abundance.
— Tamara, Nantucket,MA

I am trying to organize our summer home, so that when we rent it from late July through Labor Day, we will have a beautifully clean and organized house to welcome our renters. Since we, the owners, have a large family with many children and grandchildren, we are trying the system of stocking the house with towels, sheets, slipcovers, spreads, etc. for renters and a separate set of the same items for the family. Hopefully, this will make our switchover easier and headache free.

Ashley was great at helping to set up the dual system, and bringing in her team to actually prepare for our July ’09 rental season. She also helped me shift to the family side of the scheme in September. We streamlined the plan both times, making it function better with each of her visits.

I find Ashley conscientious, focused, punctual, and a real team player. She is very attentive to details and staying on task. I now feel I have a great helper who will share the burden of these changeovers with the same sensitivity to style and taste, allowing me the peace of mind to actually enjoy my vacation in our summer home. What a blessing after eight years of doing this project alone!
— Pam, Nantucket, MA

After a traumatic setback in my health and career, I relocated to a remote island and renovated my new home. Having tackled a challenging situation during a challenging time, I became disoriented and frustrated. I'd lost my bearings and my trust in myself to make good decisions with the clutter that was accumulating.

Then Ashley stepped in. She has an extraordinary ability to listen with compassion and find the motivators. Getting organized with someone who is emotionally neutral to the stories around each item creates a backdrop for self discovery. Ashley has left me each time with a clearer life direction, a more attractive and manageable home, and written homework assignments to accomplish in her absence. I have found myself looking forward to her next visit to make an accounting of the progress.

As I look back at the many self improvement tasks I have undertaken, I can easily say that this work with Ashley was the most relevant, practical, meaningful, and effective transformational work I have done. My home is much more together in style and design. Ashley helped me to see exactly what I needed for the activities I wanted in my routine. We've streamlined the maintenance of the house and garden by hiring regular helpers. Now I get to paint and learn hula, and I even am learning how to play with my new surfboard! The quality of my life has improved dramatically since Ashley joined my team.
— Deborah, Kilauea, HI

Working with Ashley was a big confidence booster for me. She assessed my current wardrobe and created fashionable outfits, first using the clothing and accessories that I already owned. Then, she showed me how to shop smarter, working to create a wardrobe that includes new items that complement my current clothing. After patiently crafting each outfit, she took photos to give visual reminders and make getting dressed each day a snap! The photos are also going to help me in packing for future trips.

Before I worked with Ashley to revamp my wardrobe, my look did not represent who I wanted to be. Now, I don’t look like a totally different person. I just look like me - improved! She took my lifestyle and personality into consideration when creating my looks. She really listened to me throughout the process and incorporated my ideas, while providing fabulous advice that only someone with her fashion sense and training could provide.

Now, I am able to utilize my wardrobe in a more effective way. I can go shopping by myself and make smart purchases. I know how to create several outfits with few items. I feel confident that my look represents who I am and what I want to portray to the world.
— Cristina, Kilauea, HI