Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?
  • You moved a few months (or years) ago, yet you still seem to be living out of boxes...
  • You’re starting a different phase in your life, such as beginning a new job or retiring after a lifetime of hard work, and need help getting organized...
  • You’ve recently added or subtracted family members by becoming a first-time parent, an empty-nester, a newlywed, or a divorcee, and want to get your home in order...
  • You have summer visitors arriving soon and need to get the house guest-ready...

Life is full of changes, and with each, organization is the key to smooth transitions! Your needs are unique. Island Life Organizer considers all aspects of your life to facilitate life-improving, lasting, joyful changes. Whether you need to downsize your possessions or simply create new organizing systems, we’ll help you transform your space and create a beautiful environment that makes you look and feel good!

Island Life Organizer can assist with all areas of residential organizing, including:

  • garage, basements and attics
  • kitchens and bedrooms
  • cupboards and closets
  • home offices

Additional helpful services:

  • photos, memorabilia and collections
  • household filing systems
  • time management guidance
  • image consulting
  • summer guests home preparation

Do you want to make positive changes in your life? Are you motivated and open to new ideas? If you’re ready to take the leap to improve your life, beautify your space, and learn new organizing techniques,
call 808/855-8909 or email today!